Friday, November 20, 2009

DD’s space story…Part 1

My DD (8) has been writing a story. She got me to type it up this morning so she could give a copy to her teacher and 2 of her friends.

The Girl Who Went To Space

Once there was an eight year old girl named Xan. Ever since she was six she had wanted to go to outer space.

It was her birthday and she had received $200 as a present. She went to the shops with her Mum and got a toy Space Set, but really it wasn’t a toy. It was real. When she got home she went outside to play with it. She was not aware that she was going up until she reached Mars.

There will be more adventures.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hey who’s in charge here?

Okay I've seriously had it with myself....I mean who or what's in control of me.....I let other people's opinions, circumstance....everything affect me....and way too much these's like I'm in a deep hole and I'm making the mistake of digging to get out....I need a ladder here....oh I guess I'm being too melodramatic...I can't say my life is that bad...but then why does it overwelm me so....I think another problem is I'm shockingly bad at taking baby steps....when I what something...I WANT IT NOW....NO WAITING...NO DOING IT BIT BY BIT...NOW..okay now that I've got that off my chest how do I do this? What is this I hear you ask. okay.

    I want my house clean
    I want my house decluttered
    I want DS to stop lying and being disobedient
    I want DD to loose her attitude
    I want to be able to study next year
    I need a job
    I need to get fit
    I need to stop hating myself
    I need to make time for me to do things that fill my bucket
    I need to get the kids to be more organised and helpful
Hey that's the short version
I know I've started on my bathroom but why haven't I finished it. I'm a starter not a finisher yet I get so much satisfaction from finishing things...
Ok there's my out burst.

Luv and Hugs
God Bless