Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2010 New Year’s Goals – Part One

Ok....just starting to think out loud now...only got a couple more days to work out my New Year's Goals...thing is I want to do and change too many things....so gonna brain dump everything here to start with...ok...
1. Get organised
2. Declutter my house
3. Fix up the yard
4. Get fit - lose probably about 10kg
5. Learn to draw/paint
6. Get a part time job
7. Get more involved in Zone Worship
8. Develop my piano/keyboard abilities
9. Learn to play the Saxophone (probably not 2010 coz Saxophones are expensive)
10. Do more Scrapbooking
11. Make something in patchwork
12. Get better at prayer
13. Read my Bible EVERY day without fail
14. Read more books
15. Pull out my teddy bear making supplies and make some teddy bears\
16. Organise my kitchen and cook more.
17. Spend more quality time with family
18. Entertain at home more
19. Be better at keeping up writing to long distance friends
20. Remember all my friends and family members birthdays
See soo many things going around in my head....how to either narrow the list down or figure out a plan to fit them all into one year without going insane...
Luv and Hugs
God Bless

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Rest For The Soul

Take my yoke upon you. Let me teach you, because I am humble and gentle at heart, and you will find rest for your souls.                                - Matthew 11:29

Earlier in Matthew Jesus speaks of bringing a sword to the world, that families would be divided because of him. So, how could taking on his yoke be good? I think it is because truly knowing Jesus and living his way brings a peace and joy to your heart that nothing can take away. We may hurt, slandered and rejected, bad things may still happen in our lives (we still live in a fallen world after all) but we will have a peace inside that overcomes all this. We can still have joy amidst pain, loss and struggles.

Heavenly Father, Thank you that you love me so much that you you want me to have rest for my soul. I want to take on your yoke but somedays I am afraid to do so. It is hard when people that I love don’t understand my love for you. Teach me your ways, Lord so that I may have joy and peace in my soul even when the world around me is in turmoil. In Jesus’ Name Amen

Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Reason

Today has been an up and down…actually more of a down and up and down and up….anyway….started out this morning by discovering that one of my children had left the hose turned on…they had turned off the nozzle but left the tap on…the pressure had built up so much during the night that the hose split open and water was everywhere even fully under my house…I can tell you I was not a happy chappy…getting mighty sick of my children not listening…I have told them on numerous occasions not to leave the tap on…not looking forward to the next water bill…well Jason (DH) decided he would take DS to work with him this morning and put him to work cleaning out the work shed and DD stayed with me to help me clean up at home…this was a good plan…then later I had a phone call from my mother…and…well I don’t want to go into it…but it seems one of my brothers doesn’t want me around at the moment…well that’s what I got from the conversation…this upset me heaps and I got quite teary…I had really wanted to see him…we aren’t close you see and I wanted to try to change that…I miss the Christmases we used to have before my oldest brother left his wife and Mum and Dad spilt up…we used to all get together…and even though I always felt the odd one out…I loved being with all the family…but then…I decided to stop being so negative…I mean what is the reason for Christmas…the real reason…it’s Jesus isn’t it…God loved me so much that he sent Jesus…what better reason to be happy….so Christmas is happy for me no matter what…I have decided that right now.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Faith, Strength and Love

Be on guard. Stand firm in the faith. Be courageous. Be strong. And do everything with love. - 1 Corinthians 16:13

Be on guard against the tricks and deceptions of the evil one. He will try to lure you in sin. Stand firm in what you believe in. Don’t let anything stop you from standing up for your faith. Be courageous and strong because others will hate you for your faith in God. Being a Christian is not always easy but it's worth it. Most of all, whatever you do…do it with love. Don't be lured into anger and hate. It's so easy to do. But those who would hate you because of your faith are poor souls who are deceived by Satan. If you have to hate someone let it be Satan.

I need to be more courageous and strong in my faith. I find it so hard sometimes because I worry too much what others think of me. But I must remember that what is most important is what God thinks of me. It hurts when people I care about attack me just because I love God. But I must remember that it is not me they are really attacking but God and they attack him because they are afraid and lost.

Heavenly Father,

You are so mighty and strong. I ask that you strengthen me and help me to stand firm in my faith. Help me to understand why others say hurtful things to me because of my love for you and help me also to know how to reach out to them with love so that they too may know a relationship with you.

In Jesus' Name


Sunday, December 20, 2009

My Thankful List

I got an email from an old schoolmate of DH’s who I am connected to on facebook…she has been reading my blog a bit and decided to write to me because of it…I’m so glad she did because she reminded me not to be so down on myself…which made me realise that I had soooooooo much to be thankful for….hence the following thankful list

  1. My husband of 12 years…our marriage may not be perfect but I love and trust him and I know that he loves and trusts me
  2. My son who has such a wonderful caring heart, is a chess whiz and still loves to cuddle his mum at 11.
  3. My daughter who has a passion for little children and music and wants to be a Musican/singer/missionary was she grows up…which would surprise me if she does.
  4. My home….I may complain that it’s too small, too messy and needs repair…but it’s ours…well mainly the banks…but that’s more than many have.
  5. My best friend who I’ve only known a couple of years and I don’t think she realises it but just having her to talk to is such a blessing to me.
  6. My other friends both nearby and to the ends of the earth…I have friend all around the world thanks to email and penfriends…some of them need to be very patient with me at times as I can get slack at keeping in touch.
  7. My Church family….they have been such a support to me and have been there in good times and bad.
  8. My therapist….yes seems a strange addition to my list…but honestly she is great…she has helped me so much in the last couple of years
  9. My family…Family….what can I say….we don’t always see eye to eye but I love them so much.
  10. I have to add Micarla…the friend who emailed me…she reminded me of all I am truly grateful…thank you Micarla.
  11. God….last but most important…without him…I don’t know where I’d be…since I had my miscarriage I have really learnt to lean on him more and more…he is….just everything…and I wish the whole world could know him.

Now I’ve started I could go on and on…but I won’t….but I know this….life is good…could be better…but could be much worse….if I want better it’s up to me.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Right Focus

Pat careful attention to your own work, for then you will get the satisfaction of a job well done, and you won’t need to compare yourself to anyone else. –Galatians 6:4

Paul is telling the Galatians to focus on what they are doing and not what others are doing. He says by doing this they will feel satisfied by doing their own work. I think he is saying that comparing yourself to other is foolish and pointless and what matters most is what you can do  and that you do the best that you can.

I constantly compare myself to others and basically that what a miserable failure I am in comparison. Others have better kept homes, do better in Ministry, cook better, scrapbook better, are better wives, mothers, daughters, sisters, friends. They have more friends. People like them more. I need to STOP doing this. I need to focus on doing the best I can at any given time. That’s all God wants from me and he’s the one I should be aiming to please.

Heavenly Father, Help me to stop comparing myself to others and help me to focus on my own efforts to do the best that I can. Help me to accept that I may not always be able to do all that I want to do and that is okay. In Jesus Name. Amen

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Take it all to Him

I took my troubles to the Lord; I cried out to him, and he answered my prayer. – Psalm 120:1

Where did the psalmist take his troubles? To the Lord. He didn’t try to fix things himself or expect other to fix things for him. Or at least if he did he realised that this wasn’t the answer. God is the answer. He cried out to God. Poured out his soul to him. And what happened. God answered his prayer. It doesn’t say how God answered his prayer or if God answered it in a way the Psalmist expected. But he did answer.

I need to stop expecting my problems to fix themselves. Or thinking other should fix it all. Or trying to do it all myself. I CAN’T FIX ME. And that’s the truth. Only God can. God can do EVERTHING. I need to call out to him and leave the answers to him.

Heavenly Father, Great Provider and Counsellor. Forgive me. Forgive me for trying to do life on my own. Forgive me for blaming you, myself and others when things don’t go right. Help me Lord. Help me to stop struggling in life. I don’t know the answers and I don’t know which is the next step to take. Guide me Lord and teach me your ways. Show me the path you have laid for me. Keep my steps steady and strength my heart, body and mind for the journey you have for me. In Jesus name. Amen.