Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Good Morning,
My babies started the new school year today and DH went back to work after a week off and I am all alone. Wahhhhh! I am totally lonely and unmotivated today. Can't wait til school is over. DD was so glad to be back at although she it's happy that she's been put into a 2/3 composite class. Of all things she's most worried that she won't learn enough. I'm sure the teacher will challenge her though. DS isn't a school fan and is worried because he has a scrict teacher this year. I'm quite happy about his teacher because he needs structure. They'll both do fine.
Back to me. I'm so alone....and now that we have gone back to being a one car family I'm stuck here...well sorta. I could catch a bus or walk....well maybe not walk far. My tail bone doesn't like me walking too much at the moment. Oh did I mention that I have a possible broken tail bone after I took a fall on the steps. Ouch is for sure. I'm stuck sitting on this fuuny looking cushion which only remotely eases the pressure. The Doc sent me for an xray last Friday and I get the results on Thursday. Not that they will do much. Just lets me know how long it'll to heal.
Oh I am such a whinger today. Sorry. But while I'm at it I'll complain about one more thing. I got sunburnt yesterday. My own fault. I forgot to put sunscreen on. My forehead is the worst. It's still sore and I have a headache from it. It was worth it though. We attended our annual Australia Day Church Picnic at Shelly Beach, Hervey Bay. It was fun. I even went swimming....which is unusual for me.
Well I think I'm gonna have to go. I don't want the kids and DH to think I've done nothing while they've been gone so I better get to it.
Luv and Hugs
God Bless

Tuesday, January 20, 2009



Red is the colour of my eyes
when I've been crying
It's the pain in my heart
When I don't even feel like trying

It's the colour of roses
Placed on a loved one's grave
It's the pain of defeat
When nothing seems saved

It's the colour of loneliness
and of a burning flame
It's the colour of hate
And the colour of pain

It's the colour of blood
Cleansing as it fell
The colour of salvation
from our Emmanuel

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Happy Birthday DD

What are your plans for the weekend?
Hi All,
Well today is DD's 8th Birthday. Oh today is Saturday here. I have to go out this morning and buy party goodies and a cake. We are having some friends over for afternoon tea to cut the cake. DD is having a friend sleep over. Considered having a few friends over but our house is small and 2 giggling girls is about I can take. Besides we have to be up and at church by 9.30am tomorrow coz DH is on the worship team this week. I miss having two woring cars. Hopefully we'll have DH's car fixed soon. Well anyway it's the parents and brother of DD's friend who is coming over for afternoon tea. DD wants to play pass the parcel so we'll do that while they are here. After they leave DD wants to do some craft with her friend so I have to organise that. I also have to organise party food yet. DD wants purple popcorn, hundreds n thousands biscuits, fairy bread, hawaian pizza, party pies, and sausage rolls. After dinner DH and Ds are going over to the friend's house who were over for afternoon tea. Dh is taking his guitar to 'jam' and DS will play with his friend. They won't be back until 9pm or later so the girls aren't pestered by DS. I'm getting some DVD's for them to watch too.
Anyway I gotta go now coz DD is up and probably wanting presents to be opened. Will post what she got later.
Luv and Hugs
God Bless

Friday, January 9, 2009

Thankful Thursday a day late

I am thankful for :
1. My new car - a 2005 Toyota Avalon - It's so nice having a decent reliable car...oh who am I kidding...I love the air conditioning, power windows, cup holders and the little button that locks and unlocks it.
2. The frogs that hang around the house. My son loves frogs and he gets so excited when they pop up on the back verandah on front stairs.
3. My new lamp - it may be plain off white now - but I'm thinking some purple decorating may be in order.
4. The relief from the heatwave - me and heat don't mix.
5. Wordfind puzzles - I find them very relaxing.
6. My DD helping me a lot this week around the house.
7. My Masseur Sandals - I love those bumpy things.
8. My God
9. My Saviour
10. My Faith - Where would I be without the last 3? All the rest would be nothing.
Love and Hugs
God Bless

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Veggie musing

A question was posed on one of my Yahoo groups. It seemed an innocent enough question. A one word answer would have sufficed but...no it threatened to become an essay...the question was 'What is your favourite veggie' and here is what I wrote.
Hi. Favourite veggie? Hmm that's a toughie. I'm not a huge veggie fan. I don't dislike them either though. Just neutral I guess although I absolutely detested veggies as a kid. I would say corn on the cob because I just love that but it doesn't count because it's really a grain. I know I definately don't like cabbage unless it's in colslaw. I like raw carrots and celery. Don't like eggplant. Oh no I really can't decide...sorry all. I HAVe recently discovered that there is a way I like beetroot which previously was my most hated vegetable. I had lunch at my mum's place last week and we had smoked chicken and salad. She made me try these baby beets aand they weren't half bad...shock horror. Hold the press I just decided on my favourite veggie I think......drum roll.......snow peas...I love snow peas...oh oh oh...and fresh peas straight from the pod....yum yum.... and raw beans....and bean spouts...and asparagus... oh I still can't decided but I have realised I do like veggies just preferably raw except for the asparagus. I'm not indecisive.. ..or am I?
Luv and Hugs
God Bless