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Thursday, December 4, 2008

My Christmas Wish List

  1. new measuring spoons (preferably purple with pink coming a close second
  2. a new bedside lamp. My is one of those touch lamps but it doesn't work. Have to use power switch to turn on and off. Very annoying. Oh by the way purple would be a good colour for it.
  3. a floor lamp for when I'm doing my cross stitch
  4. a Serendipity Bible. Has great studies for every verse in the Bible. I am currently borrowing Pastor Dav's
  5. a cheese slicer. I hate cutting cheese with a knife
  6. a purple bedspread.
  7. My laptop back wahhhhhh!
  8. a new pair a masseur sandals. My pair is sooooo worn out.
  9. a purple slice in my hair. I have a blonde slice with the rest dyed black and I want a change
  10. a PDA. I am so bad at being organised. I would love one.
  11. a flylady calendar. I have searched and searched for something similar and cheaper to no avail.

Thankful Thursday.

I am thankful for
  1. coloured pens. I love many different coloured pen you can get nowadays. It makes writing so much more fun
  2. My son. It's his 10th birthday today. I am so thankful that we are close and he still loves his kisses and cuddles.
  3. Story time. O love to read stories to my kids at bedtime and then we sing a song together and say prayers.
  4. Red frogs. My son is a frog fanatic so I bought red frogs and snuck a few in his lunch box today as a surprise.
  5. Nathan Tasker. I was listening to one of his CD's today. I love his music
  6. Rum balls at Christmas. Although this year we can't have the Rum because we don't drink any more. I'll have to find rum flavouring.
  7. Refrigerators. It has been a hot day today and I've been drinking heaps of cold water.
  8. Education. I am so thankful that my children are able to get a good education. It's great that I can study too.
  9. My hubby's massages. I had a monster headahce yesterday and my shoulder was in a big knot. It's so much better today and the massage he gave me last night.
  10. Always and ever I am thankful that God so loved me that he sent his one and only son Jesus so that I may have freedom from the price of sin.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Is Christmas too commercialised

Christmas is around the it too commercialized or just fine the way it is?

I have complained for a long time about how commercialised Christmas has become. I mean this year the shops started selling Christmas stuff in September. Then yesterday I was listening to our local Christian radio station and they were talking about this very thing. The lady was saying that we can use this to our/God's advantage. The fact that people are thinking and talking about Christmas for a lot more of the year than they used to give us as Christian more opportunities to witness to them. This made so much sense to me. We can choose to whinge about the commercialism of Christmas but we really can't do much to stop it. So why not turn it around to our advantage both as a witnessing tool and also as a reminder to ourselves of the greatest gift we could possibly get. The gift God sent. Jesus Christ.

Monday, December 1, 2008

A ramble turning into my baby step revelations.

Don't really know what to say today. Just felt the need to blog so I guess I'll just ramble. I'm usually pretty good at thatjand who know where it might lead. I've had a pretty dull day. Houseworky stuff mainly. Did my house blessing. Second week in a row. Yeah me. Also did my next day on the fly lady's 31 babysteps. I'm up to day 10 but I think I've been doing it for about 15 days. I miss days a bit. But at least I'm not quitting. I did a mini purge of stuff in my bedroom. Put some old jewellery, a couple of small teddies and some bits and pieces in a bag to get rid of. I'm trying to slowly let go of those things I don't love or use any more. It's hard because I think I'm a closet horder. It's getting easier though. Baby steps. Actually baby steps is a big things that God has been teaching me for the past year. I have a very bad habits of rushing into things, taking on too much too fast and expecting to be able to do it all now. This has only ever led me to stress and depression. It's so hard to be a perfectionist. Over time I have found myself to be more and more inclined to get overwelmed easily. I think this I why I've found it so hard to accept God's guidance in my life. It seemed as if what he wanted my to do was way out of my reach. There was no way I could see myself living up to the standard I thought God expected of me. I realise now that it's my own expectations that I feared I couldn't reach. I thought God was asking too much of me and what if I failed God. I couldn't imagine anything worse. But then God told me two things very clearly. No 1 was he doesn't need me to do anything he wanted me to though. And no 2 was that it was okay to take baby steps...actually I need to take baby steps. That's what God want me to do. Just keep heading down to path he's laid out for me and don't worry about what's around the corner. Just keep taking those steps.
Well time for me to go. I want to ring my brother in hospital and see how he is going. Ta Ta