Saturday, September 18, 2010

Be like the weed


Went for a walk around the park this morning for the first time in a fair while. I had done my devotions and Bible reading and I just couldn't get anything out of it. While I was walking I asked God to give me something….anything really…I needed to reconnect with Him somehow. Then I noticed a pretty little yellow flower beside the path. It was a weed. I picked it. As I was looking at I started thinking about how the council comes in every so often and mows down all the long grass and weeds. And it saddened me at first to think of this pretty yellow flowers being cut down. That’s how life seems to me sometimes. Like just when I feel like I’m beginning to bloom that something comes and mows me down. But then God reminded that even though these pretty yellow flowers (weeds) get mown down, they don’t die. They come back again. They don’t give up. And he told me that I need to be like the weed. I need to keep coming back no matter how many times I get mown down.

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