Friday, March 13, 2009


What is the last trip you took and where did you go?
Last trip I took was last year to Brisbane. DH had a leadership conference to go to so me and the kids came with him and stayed with his grandfather. Was an interesting weekend. We thought we'd had a great time and everyone got on well but after we got back all this wierd stuff blew up. Don't want to really go into it. DH's family are difficult to say the least. Let's just say it'll be a long while before we spend time with these particular relatives again. Oh I should say this doesn't included DH's mother. It's his father's side of the family.
Anyway I'd much rather go into future trips. DH is away at the Sunshine Coast for a Pastors and Leaders retreat at the moment. He gets back on Saturday night. Next weekend I'm off to a Ladies Retreat at Mapleton. Soooooooo loooking forward to that. The theme this year is dreams come true. On Saturday night we are having a cinderella party. Should be great fun.
Also our family is going to Easterfest this year. Can't wait for that one. DD is a huge Rebecca St James fan and want s to get her autograph. Only bit I'm not too sure about is camping. I'm an indoors girl.
Luv and hugs
God Bless

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