Sunday, August 23, 2009

Yesterday was a busy day. DH and DD went to a Worship Conference at church. The Church had got Russel Fragar over from America. Everyone seemed to enjoy it. People were impressed by DD’s input. She’s only 8 but was asking some good questions like how to fully worship God while still trying to play your instrument and is there any wrong way to worship God. I was very proud of my little munchkin.

While they were off at the conference I babysat my friends two kids so they could attend. DS was home as well. Actually he probably did most of the work. I was feeling particularly exhausted and was getting a few minor cramps.

Last night they had a worship conference at church which Russell Fragar led. It was really good and we had different denominations there too. I love seeing God’s people breaking down denominational barriers and worshipping God together.

On the way home we hired out a couple of DVD’s. DH and I watched one called Inkspell last night. It was strange but enjoyable. It was a fantasy.

Finally got to sleep about 1am. Hope I’m not getting insomnia again.

Got up at about 7am this morning and rushed around getting ready to get the kids to zone. We were about 20 minutes late. I hung out in the Chill out room while the kids went to Sunday School and worked on a baby blanket. Then we all went up to the 2nd service.

I conked out for a couple hours this afternoon but woke up with severe heartburn. Ouch. No real plans for tonight. Going to make some custard rice for dessert in a minute. Yum.

Luv and hugs

God Bless


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