Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Is Christmas too commercialised

Christmas is around the corner....is it too commercialized or just fine the way it is?

I have complained for a long time about how commercialised Christmas has become. I mean this year the shops started selling Christmas stuff in September. Then yesterday I was listening to our local Christian radio station and they were talking about this very thing. The lady was saying that we can use this to our/God's advantage. The fact that people are thinking and talking about Christmas for a lot more of the year than they used to give us as Christian more opportunities to witness to them. This made so much sense to me. We can choose to whinge about the commercialism of Christmas but we really can't do much to stop it. So why not turn it around to our advantage both as a witnessing tool and also as a reminder to ourselves of the greatest gift we could possibly get. The gift God sent. Jesus Christ.

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