Thursday, December 4, 2008

My Christmas Wish List

  1. new measuring spoons (preferably purple with pink coming a close second
  2. a new bedside lamp. My is one of those touch lamps but it doesn't work. Have to use power switch to turn on and off. Very annoying. Oh by the way purple would be a good colour for it.
  3. a floor lamp for when I'm doing my cross stitch
  4. a Serendipity Bible. Has great studies for every verse in the Bible. I am currently borrowing Pastor Dav's
  5. a cheese slicer. I hate cutting cheese with a knife
  6. a purple bedspread.
  7. My laptop back wahhhhhh!
  8. a new pair a masseur sandals. My pair is sooooo worn out.
  9. a purple slice in my hair. I have a blonde slice with the rest dyed black and I want a change
  10. a PDA. I am so bad at being organised. I would love one.
  11. a flylady calendar. I have searched and searched for something similar and cheaper to no avail.

1 comment:

oma aka meme said...

I wish that you will have a lot of purple surprizes on Christmas morning-- I shall have to make out a list too and yes, a lot of purple will be on it-
have a great day
huggles me, Meme