Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Veggie musing

A question was posed on one of my Yahoo groups. It seemed an innocent enough question. A one word answer would have sufficed it threatened to become an essay...the question was 'What is your favourite veggie' and here is what I wrote.
Hi. Favourite veggie? Hmm that's a toughie. I'm not a huge veggie fan. I don't dislike them either though. Just neutral I guess although I absolutely detested veggies as a kid. I would say corn on the cob because I just love that but it doesn't count because it's really a grain. I know I definately don't like cabbage unless it's in colslaw. I like raw carrots and celery. Don't like eggplant. Oh no I really can't decide...sorry all. I HAVe recently discovered that there is a way I like beetroot which previously was my most hated vegetable. I had lunch at my mum's place last week and we had smoked chicken and salad. She made me try these baby beets aand they weren't half bad...shock horror. Hold the press I just decided on my favourite veggie I think......drum roll.......snow peas...I love snow peas...oh oh oh...and fresh peas straight from the pod....yum yum.... and raw beans....and bean spouts...and asparagus... oh I still can't decided but I have realised I do like veggies just preferably raw except for the asparagus. I'm not indecisive.. ..or am I?
Luv and Hugs
God Bless


Pauline said...

loved your veggie ramblings "O) have missed you at your blog "O) my favourite vegetable is roasted pumpkin. Yep, I detested pumpkin as a child but thanks to my parents insisting I eat it... I now, as an adult, really like it... especially roasted "O)
OH and can I be so bold as to ask what you received for Christmas??? Did you get those purple measuring spoons????

Jo said...

No..but I got the next best ones.