Friday, January 9, 2009

Thankful Thursday a day late

I am thankful for :
1. My new car - a 2005 Toyota Avalon - It's so nice having a decent reliable car...oh who am I kidding...I love the air conditioning, power windows, cup holders and the little button that locks and unlocks it.
2. The frogs that hang around the house. My son loves frogs and he gets so excited when they pop up on the back verandah on front stairs.
3. My new lamp - it may be plain off white now - but I'm thinking some purple decorating may be in order.
4. The relief from the heatwave - me and heat don't mix.
5. Wordfind puzzles - I find them very relaxing.
6. My DD helping me a lot this week around the house.
7. My Masseur Sandals - I love those bumpy things.
8. My God
9. My Saviour
10. My Faith - Where would I be without the last 3? All the rest would be nothing.
Love and Hugs
God Bless


Pauline said...

Hi again! I would love your pink measuring spoons! and if you do decorate your lamp do your lamp will you be taking before and after shots of it so we can have a look??? "O)

oma aka meme said...

papa hubby had frogs with him with his cancer treatments- FULLY RELY ON GOD==frog
he would tell the nurses what his frogs stood for- a tiny seed :-)
hugs Meme