Saturday, January 10, 2009

Happy Birthday DD

What are your plans for the weekend?
Hi All,
Well today is DD's 8th Birthday. Oh today is Saturday here. I have to go out this morning and buy party goodies and a cake. We are having some friends over for afternoon tea to cut the cake. DD is having a friend sleep over. Considered having a few friends over but our house is small and 2 giggling girls is about I can take. Besides we have to be up and at church by 9.30am tomorrow coz DH is on the worship team this week. I miss having two woring cars. Hopefully we'll have DH's car fixed soon. Well anyway it's the parents and brother of DD's friend who is coming over for afternoon tea. DD wants to play pass the parcel so we'll do that while they are here. After they leave DD wants to do some craft with her friend so I have to organise that. I also have to organise party food yet. DD wants purple popcorn, hundreds n thousands biscuits, fairy bread, hawaian pizza, party pies, and sausage rolls. After dinner DH and Ds are going over to the friend's house who were over for afternoon tea. Dh is taking his guitar to 'jam' and DS will play with his friend. They won't be back until 9pm or later so the girls aren't pestered by DS. I'm getting some DVD's for them to watch too.
Anyway I gotta go now coz DD is up and probably wanting presents to be opened. Will post what she got later.
Luv and Hugs
God Bless


oma aka meme said...

been missing you- good to see you back here- hugs Meme

Pauline said...

I hope your daughter has a wonderful birthday and you aren't completely worn out by the whole affair!
Look foward to hearing about the gifts that she received!

Jo said...

DD had a great birthday. I said I'd give a list of presents. I'm a bit late getting to it but here goes.
1. a new blue(favourite colour) lunch box for school.
2. new outfit...she's such a girl...loves clothes
3. a really pretty pink Bible cover for her FaithGirlz Bible
4. A heart necklace, earring and bracelet set.
5. a gorgeous pink top from her Nana.
6. Beados refills bought with money from her other Nana.
7. A craft set where you paint and decorate 2 butterfly shaped photo frames from her friend who slept over that night. We did them together the next week. She gave me one to keep...she is so sweet.
8. A block of Cabury's chocolate from Pastor Dav who came around that afternoon to eat birthday cake.
My Dad, her Poppy is away in Tasmania at the moment so she has to wait until he get back to get a present from him.