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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sad, mad and afraid

Hello everyone,

I've been putting this off. I'm no longer pregnant. Found out Friday that it looked like I had a blighted ovum. Started getting cramps yesterday and well there's no doubt now. I found it really hard to be at church today. I know I shouldn't be but I'm mad...mad at God and mad at myself. You see when we decided to have more children I prayed that if this wasn't the right thing not to let it happen. I'm scared now. I really want more children and what if God doesn't want me too.

Luv and Hugs
God Bless


Geriann said...

what is a blighted ovum?

Jo said...

It means that the cells to make the baby didn't grow properly.

Jilly said...

How are things going Jo, I know that sadness of losing a baby it's a pain that only God can heal. I am still needing to come to a place of healing. You are in my prayers that you will have your hearts desires met!
Blessing to you & yours