Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My brother tries to fly.

I have some worrying news. Yesterday one of my brothers fell off a roof he was working on. He was rushed to hospital at Hervey Bay. He has shattered both ankles. The doctors said he was like humpty dumpty or at least his ankles are. They wanted to send him to Brisbane for surgery as his ankle were so bad but they couldn't risk it as the circulation had been cut off. He almost lost his feet. that is so scary. My brother is a very active person. He has his own hobby farm in Tiaro. He hopes to run cattle one day so loosing his feet would have been devastating. Praise the Lord they were able to operate in Hervey Bay to renew the circulation. He still needs another operation as they didn't have the equipment needed here to pin up his ankles. I'm still worried about how much this may affect him long term. My mum rang him earlier and she said he hasn't lost his sense of humour. She said that when she asked him how it happen he said that he was trying to fly. LOL. That's my brother for you. Really he had just lost his balance.
I am praying for him. Me is not a Christian either so I am praying that maybe God will use this time to bring him closer.

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oma aka meme said...

I will be praying for your brother- flying with out wings is not a good thing to do- I did not rate this note as I did not want to say funny or cool even though it is interesting I thought it was too serious to just judge - huggles meme