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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thursday morning in OZ

Hi all,
It's Thursday morning in the land of Oz. Not feeling the best this morning. I thought I might have been coming down with something last night. Guess what! I was right. I think I have a cold. My throat is flemmy and sore and swollen. Everthing tastes yuck...even chocolate...BOO HOO. I ache all over and have a dull headache. I'm still tired even though I slept heavy last night thanks to pain killers and muscle relaxants. Finding it hard to concentrate which is definately not good. I wanted to get one of my assignments completed today. My mood is pretty good despite feeling sick. That's a plus. It's not real hot either well at least not yet. I think it will be a little cooler today because it's overcast. Actually it poured down about 4.45am. This must sound wierd to all of you in a US of A. Especially in the places where it's freezing cold and snowing. I would love to see snow. I dream of one day having a white christmas. That would be cool...LOL... literally...hehehe. I hate having a hot Christmas day and here that is pretty much standard. Anyway I've rambled on enough now. Praying everyone has a great day. Have a super fantastic thankgiving USA peoples.
Luv and Hugs
God Bless

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