Friday, November 28, 2008

Colour choice

Today I decided that I have to choose a favourite colour. (sidetrack - I really need to remember to give my emails a title) Sorry what was I saying...yes thats it. Colour...Well whenever I'm asked what my favourite colour is I'm always indecisive. I like most colours (not that yucky vomit yellow, But no one sane likes that colour anyway...sorry to all the insane people out there) Jason thinks my favourite colour must be blue because I used to always tend to buy blue clothes..It's not though really. It's a cool colour and all but it's not quite me. DD loves blue I asked her why but she doesn't know. DS loves green. He's a frog freak so that explains the colour choice. Jason is definately a black fan...hmmm...does that mean he's dark and mysterious..I think least not to me. Well anyway I like pink, I never used to though..I was such a tomboy growing up. My poor Mum tried to get me to be girly...sorry Mum. I remember her buying me this really pretty pastel pink top as a teenager. It was the latest fashion too and the first thing I did was get the receipt and exchange it for two black tops..again sorry Mum. It took me having a daughter of my own before I finallu embraced my girly side. I love all things girly now. I still have trouble sitting like a lady. My legs always seem to end up on the chair with my butt. It's just a habit and way more comfortable too.
Anyway back to my choice of favourite colour...Can you guess? Yes it's purple..I think purple is great. It's a soothing colour and I like all the different shades. Probably the only problem with purple is that lavendar is purple and I'm allergic to lavendar. Minor problem though. So the decision is made. Next time I get asked what my favourite colour is I will say purple...I hope no one ever asks me to pick a particular shade....arghhhh!

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Splash said...

hi there! Stunning! I love blue but also started to favour pink when I had my little girl. God bless. Lotsa luv and I'm glad that your bro is ok after his flying lessons.