Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2010 New Year’s Goals – Part One

Ok....just starting to think out loud now...only got a couple more days to work out my New Year's Goals...thing is I want to do and change too many things....so gonna brain dump everything here to start with...ok...
1. Get organised
2. Declutter my house
3. Fix up the yard
4. Get fit - lose probably about 10kg
5. Learn to draw/paint
6. Get a part time job
7. Get more involved in Zone Worship
8. Develop my piano/keyboard abilities
9. Learn to play the Saxophone (probably not 2010 coz Saxophones are expensive)
10. Do more Scrapbooking
11. Make something in patchwork
12. Get better at prayer
13. Read my Bible EVERY day without fail
14. Read more books
15. Pull out my teddy bear making supplies and make some teddy bears\
16. Organise my kitchen and cook more.
17. Spend more quality time with family
18. Entertain at home more
19. Be better at keeping up writing to long distance friends
20. Remember all my friends and family members birthdays
See soo many things going around in my head....how to either narrow the list down or figure out a plan to fit them all into one year without going insane...
Luv and Hugs
God Bless

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