Wednesday, June 17, 2009

5000 Question Survey Part 10

Part Ten
901. Would you rather have a candle scented like blueberries and creme or butterscotch pecan pie?
Blueberries and cream
902. Which ones are fruits and which are vegetables:
Banana – Fruit
Cucumber – Vegetable
Tomato – Fruit
Apple – Fruit
Carrot – Vegetable
Eggplant – Fruit
Cherry – Fruit
Pumpkin – Vegetable
903. Does it annoy you when people talk loudly on their cell phones in public?
904. Is love a commitment to one person, or can you love more than one person at the same time?
It depends on what sort of Love you are talking about. Love tells us to love Him and that sort of love is for Him alone. He also tell us to love our neighbour and that obviously involve many people. Then there is the kind of love I have for my husband. That kind of love can only be for one person.
905. Cover or original:
Smooth Criminal; is it better by Michael Jackson or Alien Ant Farm? Michael Jackson
Blue Monday better by Orgy or New Order – No idea
I Want Candy; Is it better by Aaron Carter or Bow Wow Wow? – Aaron Carter
Love Song; Is it better by 311 or The Cure? – Don’t know
It's My Life; Is it better by No Doubt or The Talking Heads? – The Talking Heads
906. What is the most uncomfortable feeling?
907. Do you like Maroon 5?
908. Would you ever go on a blind date TV show?
909. How much of your wardrobe is dry clean only?
maybe 1 or 2 things
910. Who's arms would you like to crawl into?
911. inappropriate question
912. Look around you. What is the most beautiful thing you can see?
The photos of my children on the walls
913. What is the most beautiful thing you can't see?
my children
914. Take a deep breath. Yawn deeply. Do you appreciate the things most people take for granted, like breathing?
915. Do you appreciate breathing more when you have a cold and you're all congested and can't breathe right?
916. Is congestion a positive thing because it helps you to appreciate breathing?
917. How is your life like a work of art?
I’m probably a work of abstract art. My life is made of many different things that alone are so different but together they make me.
918. Do you feel that your life influences and is influenced by many other lives?
919. Has a smile ever made all the difference in the world to you?
920. Have you ever looked at a tree and considered how the roots could be miles long, trailing and entwining with other roots underground, all of them holding the soil together?
921. Do you notice the little things in life?
not enough
922. Do you feel, as Jung did, that deep down, underneath our individual personalities we are all the same?
yes… we are all created and loved by God
923. Do you feel a great oneness with the universe?
I feel close to God
924. When was the last time you decided to really enjoy yourself?
don’t know it’s been a while
925. When was the last time you set your self free and acted without caring at all what someone else thought?
don’t know
926. Have you ever held someone and appreciated how delicate and fragile all life is and felt that they were even more precious and beautiful because one day they would die..and so will you?
927. In ten years someone else might own your house and the room you are sitting in now. Someone else might be standing right next to where you are sitting now. So that means you could be standing right next to someone but you can't see him or her because they are ten years away.
Ever look at life like that? not for a long long time
928. When was the last time you:
Soaked in a bubble bath – last year
Read a good book outside – same
Held someone's hand – yesterday
Felt truly joyful – last week
929. What do you bring to this world that no one else can?
930. Do you feel that you are part of every living thing in this world and that all those things are part of you?
931. Are you more afraid of death or not completely living?
not completely living
932. What was the last thing you wanted to do but didn't or couldn't do?
933. Why don't you try and do that thing now?
no thanks I’m trying to be good
934. What is the most wonderful thing happening right now in the world?
babies being born
935. Name 7 things going on around you that you normally wouldn't notice:
1. my ears are ringing
2. the traffic going past outside
3. dust gathering
4. my heart is beating
5. the wind is blowing outside
6. the TV is going
7. there is cobwebs on the ceiling
936. Name three things you hate
1. racism
3. pain
937. Name one GOOD thing about each of those 3 things you hate.
1. there is none. 2. ditto. 3. It make your aware of what your body needs
938. What do you tend to see in black and white, rather than in shades of gray?
Salvation through Christ
939. Admit three things you do that you are ashamed of but shouldn't be.
1. That I’m depressed
2. Of not being organised
3. Of not being good enough
940. What qualities make a person “good” in your eyes?
Faith, Honesty, Integrity, Compassion
941. Do you have any of these qualities?
942. Are you willing to do what it takes to achieve what you want to?
I want to be but I’m afraid of failing
943. Name one bad quality about someone you love.
Thinks they are always right
944. Name one good quality about someone you hate.
I don’t hate anyone
945. Are you pro life or pro choice and why?
Pro life because life begins at conception and murder is wrong
946. If you are pro life write a reason someone might be pro choice. If you are pro choice write a reason someone might be pro life.
Someone may be pro choice because they don’t have a personal relationship with God and do not understand that life does begin at conception
947. Can you see the beauty in?
A bumble bee: yes
A man skating: yes
A woman combing her hair: yes
A box of tissues: no
Yourself naked: no
Light: yes
948. What are you most afraid of?
949. Whose life would you REALLY NOT want to ever have?
Paris Hilton
She is just so messed up.
950. Can you come up with a reason why you might want their life?
I guess the money
951. Name one thing that is beautiful about your body
My eyes
952. Name one thing that is ugly about your body
My stomach
953. Name one thing that is beautiful about your mind
my compassion
954. Name one thing that is ugly about your mind
my temper
955. Who was the last person you were rude to?
my husband
956.Are your elbows soft?
kind of
957. Are you ticklish?
958. Are you awkward or graceful?
959. Do you wear glasses/contacts?
960. If you wear contacts what's the longest you have ever left them in your eyes?
961. What's going on where you are right now?
962. What is your favorite thing to touch?
soft hair
963. What is your favorite kind of incense?
vanilla or sandlewood
964. What relaxes you?
a massage
965. How much time have you wasted?
don’t want to even think about it
966. How do you afford your rock and roll lifestyle?
I don’t
967. What does teen spirit smell like?
968. Do you mostly listen or hear?
969. Look or see?
970. Do you comprehend all the things you read?
971. Is it necessary to be repetitive in order to be creative?
972. Do you control your attitude or does it control you?
it controls me
973. Are your relationships mostly passion or conversation?
974. Do you do what needs to be done regardless of the consequences?
975. Is money how you keep score?
976. Who can you do everything or nothing with and still have the best time?
My friend Belinda
977. Just because you're angry does that give you the right to be cruel?
978. What is maturity and where does it come from?
maturity comes from experience. It’s knowing who you are and how to live your life without expecting other to take care of you. But it’s also not being afraid to ask for help when you need it.
979. Who is the maturest person you know?
Pastor Merryl
980. Who is the most immature person you know?
981. If there was a fire and you could only rescue one thing from your room (all people and pets have escaped on their own, even goldfish) what would it be?
My photos
982. If you could, what 3 albums would you force everyone to remove from his or her CD collections?
3 heavy metal albums of their choice
983. Does Marilyn Manson scare you or bore you?
984. What do you think of the Insane Clown Posse?
don’t know
985. What's the best movie about high school?
Mean Girls
986. Do you like Michael Jackson better in the 80's 90's or today?
987. Is choosing a different store to shop in from most people really making a statement?
988. What's the riskiest thing you've ever done?
989. Have you ever ridden in a car while the driver had been drinking?
990. Who needs to get a life?
991. Do write on yourself with milky pens?
992. What should be different about high school curriculum?
They should teach creationism as well as evolution
993. Right now are you exactly the way you want to be?
994. Who can save you from yourself?
995. Are you a responsible person?
996. "It is absurd to divide people into good and bad. People are either charming or tedious."
— Oscar Wilde
Do you agree? maybe
997. How many greatest hits albums do you own?
a few
998. Are you at risk for a.i.d.s.?
999. Do you want to have it all?
1000. Do you collect green pictures of dead presidents?

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