Saturday, February 21, 2009

Journal Prompt-Who is Jo

What makes you?
This prompt makes me think about the things that make me me. Just who am I, why am I me. So many things go into just who I am. Both good and bad. Sometimes I wish I could just erase all the bad stuff that has happened to me in my life or that I could go back and start again. But then who would I be. I wouldn't be me would I? Everthing that has ever happened in my life has molded me. Sure it's also caused me alot of pain but I need to learn to use both good and bad experiences to make myself a better person. I still struggle with that a times. I cry out to God "Why...why did you let that happen." I feel as if I'm not strong enough to move forward but I have to trust God will be my strength. When it comes down to it I am me because God made me, choose me to be his child and he loves me. Nothing can change that...not my doubts...not my fears and definately not my rantings. Who am I?
I am a beloved child of God
Luv and Hugs
God Bless

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