Thursday, February 19, 2009

Journaling Prompt - Morning Routine

Tell me about your morning routine. How did you come about to adopt it.
I'm trying to do the flylady thing. Yes I'm a flybaby or a maggot as my DH says. He thinks he's soooo funny. I'm been fluttering off and on for about a couple of years. This is the routine I'm meant to stick to
  • get up at 5am
  • let dogs downstairs for wee
  • turn hot water system on ( I only turn it on a few hours a day)
  • put a load of washing on
  • move Guinea Pig cage
  • feed pet rats
  • shower
  • time with God
  • Breakfast and meds
  • brush teeth
  • make lunches for kids and DH
  • make bed
  • swish and swipe bathroom
  • wash up
  • put clothes on line
  • walk dogs as I walk kids to school

I'm not sticking to my routine too well at the moment. I need to become more disciplined. I think it's a pretty good routine. I'd like to put an early morning walk in there too.

Luv and Hugs

God Bless


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Pauline said...

Hi there Jo... I know what you mean about being a little more disciplined! I have exactly the same trouble at present.. I know what I am supposed to be doing but I just always seem to run into something that sidetracks me!!!! Loved catching up on all your posts!!!