Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thankful Thursday

I am thankful

  1. That my Hubby is a fabulous chef
  2. That someone anonymously did a kind deed for me on Saturday night
  3. For my strengthening friendship with Belinda (a lady from church)
  4. That God is teaching me to let go of the unforgiveness in my heart I have for myself
  5. That I have been much more organised this week
  6. For the support I received from the head of the Children's Ministry regarding a difficult situation with a child
  7. For the wonderful people who are part of my Life Group
  8. For DS's continuing interest in learning at school
  9. That we sorted out some issues that DD was having at school. She actually thought she wasn't learning enough
  10. For chocolate....yum

Luv and Hugs
God Bless



oma aka meme said...

a wonderful list- blessings from Meme

Teri Leigh said...

What a great list. I love when someone does something nice and it is unexpected, rare but precious moments to cherish