Friday, May 8, 2009

8th May 2009

Howdee all,

Think I’m getting or perhaps already got a cold. I feel kinda yucky today. I’ve also been a bit testy too. This morning I couldn’t find my purse and I was freaking. I was sure I’d put it in my bedroom but it was nowhere to be seen. The kids were being mildly annoying and I ended up swearing at my daughter. Ugh!!! I was so ashamed of myself. Swearing is something I find detestable. I used to swear a lot I admit but I thought I’d finally broken the habit. I spoke to my daughter after school and apologised for my behaviour. I am so grateful I have such forgiving children. Oh and I forgot to mention…I found my purse. Somehow it had ended up in the bottom of my church basket.
Did a bit of web surfing and found a heap of free printable stationery. Saved some and printed off some for me and the kids. Took up most of the morning. Usually on Friday morning I have a friend come over for a cuppa and we sit and chat and do whatever craft project we are doing at the moment. But she couldn’t come today. So I guess that excuses my lengthy internet time.
DH was home early from work today. He was home by 1pm so I took advantage of having the car and went out. I went into lincraft and bought some wool for this rug I’m crocheting. Then I went to the Christian Bookshop to get a Mother’s day pressy for my Mum and a 21st Birthday pressy for my niece. For Mum I got a book called Australian Stories for Women and for my niece I got a pretty lilac bible cover. I hope they both like them. Then I went to BigW to buy a new kettle. Ours died this morning and then I nearly burnt myself trying to pour boiling water into a mug from a saucepan. Lastly I filled up the car with petrol. Oh I grabbed a few grocerys too.
Anyhow the kids are home from school now and I think DH want the computer soon so I’d better finish up.
Oh as for my walking progress I have walked around the park 17 times so far.

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