Sunday, May 10, 2009

My Mum's Day

Today is Mother’s Day so Happy Mother’s Day to all the mums out there. Had an early start again this morning. Would have loved a big long sleep in but it was not to be. DH was doing an item at church today and had to be out there by 8am for practise. I miss having two cars. I got a cup of tea and a nutragrain breakfast bar in bed. The kids came running in with plenty of hugs and kisses. They gave me a Chris Tomlin CD, a bookmark, hand decorated clothes hanger, a pink lunch box and pink measuring cups. After a mad rush to get ready we headed off to church. I dropped DH and the kids and proceeded to Maccas for breakfast. My Mum’s Day treat for me.
Got back to church in time to watch some of the practise then head off for Zone (our Sunday School). I was only planning on staying for the beginning bit and then going to hang out in the Chill Out room. They had plenty of teachers today and I’m a floater usually. But as I was passing Girl Zone (girls – ages 12-15) they called me in so I joined them for the lesson. I had filled in for their teacher last week. They must have enjoyed it.
Church service was next. It was really nice. There were chairs set up around tables and yummy food on each table to snack on. We had three different women speak and Pastor Rob. I loved DH’s item. It was Mountain of God by Third Day. He truly has a beautiful voice. A friend of mine also did an item. She was great too and it was good to see her get past her shyness to stand up there.
I have been thinking about getting DD singing lesson but couldn’t really afford it at the moment. A teenager at church who sings offered to give her some basic lesson for free. That’s great, even better because her mum, a friend will bring her over here for the lessons and we can have a cuppa and chat while the lesson is on.
This afternoon was a bit of a veg out. Barbie “Thumbelina” was on TV so I watched that with DD. Had a short snooze too. Did a couple of laps around the park late this arvo. That brings the total to 21laps.
We had chicken nuggets for tea. They were yummo! Would have preferred for DH to cook me a gourmet meal but if you don’t ask you don’t get. Plus he’s not feeling well.
Well that’s about it. I still have to ring my Mum so I’d better go.
Luv and Hugs
God bless

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Jilly said...

Hi Jo, I hope you don't mind me asking which church do you go to?
Blessing to you & yours.