Monday, May 11, 2009

Monday 11th May 2009

I have been without the computer for most of today....and I! We took it over to my brother's this morning so he could put in our new hard drive. Actually I guess you couldn't call it new anymore because I bought it 12 months ago. Hey I know I'm slow and slack. My brother is also getting the kid's computer back up and running too. I'll be so glad when that happen. 4 people and 1 computer can get difficult to juggle.
I got another 5 laps of the park done today so I am quite proud of me. I think that means I'm up to 24 laps now. I would have got more done today but the weather and the kids were against me. Weather because it kept raining off and on, and kids because they were fighting this afternoon and DS had a major attitude. He wasn't too impressed when we refused to take him to karate tonight because of his behaviour. Perhaps he'll think first before doing that again.
That's about it for me today. I'm off to make my version of S'mores. Milk Arrowroot Biscuits, choc chips, marshmallows and a microwave. Yummo.
Luv and Hugs
God Bless

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