Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Guidance NOT

Monday 18th May 2009.
Jason's day off today. Dropped the kids off to school. Xan wasn't feeling well but didn't want to miss her violin lesson. I let to let her teacher know to call me if she got worse. Saw Seb's other teacher too and gave her the information regarding innatentive ADHD. She's going to find out how long before he can see the Guidance Counsellor.
Jason and I went over to clean Pastor Dav's house. He's paying us of course. It was pretty grotty. We worked for about 1hour and 1/4 each and got a fair bit done. He only wanted us to do 2 hours between us. We are cleaning every two weeks. I think it'll take a while to get it up to scratch. Dav has a dissabled man living with him so I sort of expected things to be quite grotty.
After that we went over to Belinda and Andrew's place for a visit. I asked Belinda about the Accountablity Partner thingy. She said she'd think about it.
Jason and I stopped at Sauers' Pie for lunch. It was nice just to sit and have lunch with him. Kinda like a date.
Saw Seb's teacher again when I picked the kids up. Apparently there's a shortage of guidence counsellors and it could be another year before he gets seen. His teacher agrees that it sounds like Innatentive ADHD. I'm going to see my GP. See what we can do privately. We definately don't think he needs Medication. It's just not that seriously. His teacher recommended that I research about it on the net and look for techniques to help him. He's interested in joining a chess club so I'm looking into that. The reward chart has captured his interest too so we'll see how that goes too. I'm so glad that he has supportive teachers that are willing to work with me.

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