Friday, May 15, 2009

Cuppa, Chat and Craft Morning

Hi there,
Don't know what to talk about today. Bit of a blaaaah day in some ways. Good in others though. My friend Belinda came around for our Friday morning cuppa, craft and chat. We missed last week coz she was busy. I enjoy our chats. I worked on my scarf a bit more. Then I ran out of wool so worked on the granny blanket I'm making for our bed. We chatted about all sorts of stuff. Life in general. Her MIL who hasn't been well. She's doing better which is good. Also talked about kids. I was telling her about the issues we've been having with Seb. I came across website when I was looking for info on Reward Systems. It was actually about Innatentive ADHD which I'd never heard about before. This is the site He seems to match the symptoms. I don't want to label him at all. I dunno. I think I may talk to the school counsellor or maybe our doctor or both. Guess I'll see what happens.
I'm planning on sorting out this reward system by this weekend. Should be a big job. I'm going to put it all on a large chart with pockets for the tokens at the bottom. I'll let you know how it goes.
Everthing is achey again today. And I'm ultra tired. Thinking I need an early night. I want to go to Garage Sales again tomorrow so I have to get a decent rest. I don't want to hang around the house in the morning. Jason has the Men's Breakfast here tomorrow. Soon be not around.
Went out for a bit when Jason got home from work. He had to get stuff for the Men's Breakfast and then he took me to Lincraft and I got that ball of wool for my scarf. Can't wait to finish it. I want to wear it on Sunday. I also got some wool to knitt Xan a scarf too. I think she's pretty happy about that.
Although she's not too happy right now. Her friend, Arrabelle was meant to be here at 4pm and it's almost 4.30 and she hasn't arrive. Considering she was meant to only stay until 5pm...I dunno what's going on. Maybe she'll get here soon and just stay while her Mum and I have a cuppa.
Well I gotta go. Things to do and all.
Luv n hugs
God Bless

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