Thursday, May 7, 2009

Maryborough Fitness Challenge

Hello peoples of the world. Thought I’d better write something. I’m tired….thought I’d let you know. Don’t know why. Maybe it’s all the exercise. Evil exercise. Actually I don’t think that. Exercise is evil at all. I really need to get fit too. This month I’ve entered the Maryborough Fitness Challenge which is raising money for High School Chaplaincy. A great cause I must say. My two kids are getting involved too. My goal is to walk around my local park 100 times this month. I usually try to walk the dogs around once a day. So I’m going from maybe 30 times a month to 100 times. I think I can do it. I hope. Please pray for me. I so want to get healthy. I am determined this time. And I think I’ve found out that exercise is the key for me. I’m really not a diet person….it really is just die with a t on the end for me. Plus I really hate being told what to do so being told what I can and can’t eat is just out of the question. I’m not hugely overweight anyway. I only want to drop a couple of dress sizes. I also want to strength by back. I have slight scoliosis and my back goes out regularly. I also may have cracked my vertebrae when I fell on the step just after Christmas. This is giving me a lot of grief at the moment. I’m not looking for sympathy at all. It’s just a fact I have to deal with. Well anyhow I have to go and get some more things ticked off my To do list. TaTa Loveys.

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Pauline said...

Hello Jo!!! Well, I haven't checked in for ages but it sure is nice to catch up on all the to- do's in your life!! I read with interest your exercise and weight goals and I shall keep you in my prayers to be able to achieve that 100 laps! And that you have some success with the strength and dress sizes too "O)

I am plugging away at the same thing and I feel the same as you- diets don't work for me so exercise it is! And man I find it so sloooooooow! But I must persevere! I hope you can too "O)

Anyway, nice catching up!!!