Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Have written anything since last week. Oh I am such a slacker. Well lets see...I'll go through the days.
Jason took me and the kids to Maccas for breaky. Yummo. We haven't done that in ages. We were going to go garage slaing too but there wasn't much on. We did go to one near Belinda and Andrew's place so we dropped in there after. Poor Belinda had to do a runner. She was still in her dressing gown. We hung our there for a while and then went home for lunch via town where we picked up some pies. Oh I also went into King Kong to try to find a stress ball for Seb. I read that it might help him to focus if he has something to fiddle with. Well the only stress ball I could find there was a booby shaped one. I AM DEFINATELY NOT GIVING MY TEN YEAR OLD ONE OF THEM. Anyhow I also came across some scoubi strings. They were big here about 3 years ago. There must be coming back in. I got some. Now I can't stop doing them. Must be OCD. LOL. Took me ages to work out the starter knot though. Now I feel stupid coz it was so easy.
Later in the afternoon we went back to the Humphries. Jason helped Andrew clear some trees and Belinda and I chatted and crafted. She's doing a x stitch and I've just started a scarf for Xan. Now that mine is finished that is. We ended up having dinner there.
Still obsessed with scoubis. Went to church. Came home. Went to the nursery. I got some herbs to plant and Xan got a plant to look after. Jason went over to help my niece with some songs on the guitar that she is playing for Youth group.
Jason got obsessed with chopping down trees today. He spent most of the morning clearing. After we went into town. We went to the library and I found some books to read on ADHD. Got the kids some readers too. Went to the Christian bookstore. Found an appropriate stress ball. Got sheet music for Hillsong Kids Super Strong God for Xan and another Hillsong album with Hosanna on it. My favourtie song. Got a mixed worship CD too. Then we had to do the bank stuff. Got a payout amount for our personal loan and had a bank cheque drawn up. Glad to have that out of the road. Sorted out some problem with our new account. Our keycards should arrive soon. We made an appointment to sort out other stuff next week.
Did grocery shopping.
After school the kids and I went to the doctor. I've decided it's time to go off my 'happy pills' aka anti-anxiety/anti-depression meds. I start on a weaning dose on Sunday. Spoke to the doctor about Xan's wasp allergy. He gave me a script for cortisone tablets. She has to take that and the phenergan tablet if she gets bitten again. If it get worse we can consider a course of vaccinations but it's a longgggggg course and until we know how bad the allergy will get we can't risk it. As for Seb the doctor gave me a referal to a pediatrian at the Base Hospital but we'll probably still be waiting a few months to see him. But we simply can't afford to go private.
Xan had her 2nd singing lesson. She's probably going to do 'One Way' by Hillsong Kids for the Eistedford. Shalyn wants her to sing it at Zone in a couple of weeks too.
Went to Ladies Group. Found a chess club for Seb. He went after school. Seems like he really enjoyed himself. We were slack and got Pizza for tea. I was feeling off colour. (hope I'm not getting a tummy bug) Jason took Xan to Girl's Brigade.
What have I done today so far. Housework....housework...housework...mostly. Booked an appointment at the vet to have Happy fixed...Don't think he'll be too Happy about that. LOL. Still have heaps to do. I need to pot my herbs. Life Group is tonight. Hope I'm not too tired.
Well that's about it.
Luv and Hugs
God Bless

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