Thursday, May 28, 2009

Teenage Marriage Dreams

Hi all,
I decided to post an answer to a prompt I got from another group. It really made me think and to realise just how grateful I really am for the life I had been blessed with

Prompt:When you were a teenager, what did you think the person you would marry would be like? What influenced that? Did you end up marrying someone like that?Oh I was a total hopeless romantic. I wanted romance, flowers, moonlight dinners....and all that. I dreamt of a dashing black haired man sweeping in and solving all my problems. I thought if I just found the right guy that life would be perfect.I guess what influenced it was my lack of relationship with my dad and also all the bullying I went through at school. I wanted someone to love me unconditionally and to save me from my tormenters.My husband is definately not the romantic type. He can cook though which is a bonus. He does love me unconditionally and he was a safe place for me to fall. He came into my life just when I needed him. I was at the lowest of lows and it scares me to think what would have happened to me if I had continued down that destructive path.But even though I love my husband dearly and he was my knight in shining armour in my time of need...we fought alot for a long time and at time we were only together for the kids. It wasn't we accepted Christ into our lives and we sought God to provide all our needs that we could truly learn to love each other the way God intended. Luv and Hugs Jo

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