Sunday, May 10, 2009

Saturday 9th May 2009

I’m writing this on Sunday so things aren’t as fresh in my mind. Things fade away way too quickly for my liking. Would have written it yesterday but kids and DH hogged the computer. I really miss my laptop at times like that. Although I shouldn’t use that as an excuse really because I could have just hand written something down and transferred it to the computer. Oh well…next time I’ll know better…maybe.
Okay firstly, I walked a couple more laps of the park Friday afternoon so my total is now 19.
I got up reasonably early and went to Garage Sales with DH and kids. DS found a small TV stand with storage underneath for his Playstation 2. DD got some back issues of some kid’s magazines. I got a paper recycling kit and some clothes for me and DD. Then we went into town. I went to the library while DH and kids went to the Christian Bookstore to do some Mother’s Day shopping. Borrowed some craft books out for myself, found a few fairy novels and ladybird books for DD (she has a project to do for school) and DS came and got a few novels too. Went home then.
After lunch I took the kids to their school fete. It was a touch dull so we got some fairy floss and went home. Oh I bought a cute little bag and a bookmark before we left. After that I had to go pick up my Mum from town. She is in a craft group and they had a shop open for the two weeks leading up to Mother’s Day. It was closing up and I had to get her gear home. My mum doesn’t drive so I was the taxi this time. Mum insisted I stay for a cuppa. Normally I would have been happy to stay but I really wanted to get some walking in. Oh well. More to do another time.
We had my niece’s 21st birthday party at night. It was an interesting event. My brother and sister-in-law are not together because of his involvement in a church which is really a cult. He did not attend the party which was sad. The rest of my family was there and lots of people from our church. I was a really good night all up.
Well that about all from Saturday.

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